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Airbnb Believes it Deserves the Nobel Friggin' Peace Prize

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Airbnb executive Chip Conley, the short-term rental facilitator's goateed "hospitality guru," recently told Fortune he'd like to see his company win a Nobel Peace Prize for promoting cross-cultural understanding. Here is a non-exhaustive list of not-so-peaceful experiences Airbnb has enabled.

· A surprise orgy titled "Turn Up Part 2: The Pantie Raid."
· A woman's months-long standoff with a pair of squatters.
· Temporary brothels.
· "They smashed a hole through a locked closet door, and found the passport, cash, credit card and grandmother's jewelry I had hidden inside. They took my camera, my iPod, an old laptop, and my external backup drive filled with photos, journals... my entire life."
· Questionable decor and tiresome stunts.
· Couches covered in excrement.
· The conversion of apartment buildings where people might actually live into ad-hoc hotels.

Which is not to say that some of these didn't promote cross-cultural understanding, in their own way. To compare, the winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize included a 17-year-old education activist who survived a bullet to the head and continued her work undeterred in the face of ongoing attempts on her life.

· Meet Airbnb's hospitality guru [Fortune via Valleywag]