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NYT Writes Incredibly Depressing Article on California Drought

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No skier is happy about last year's record-breaking dry season in California, whether their home mountain is Mammoth or Heavenly. Last year, Mammoth had only 60 inches of snow as of January 31, and the ski area had to furlough employees for five days in February. There was the potential for huge wildfires too, and despite a big fire that threatened Tahoe, ski resorts made it unscathed through the summer. Everyone hoped that the flakes would start flying early this season in California, but despite one small storm, most of the state is high and dry. Now, the New York Times just posted the most depressing ski article we've ever read, all about California's historic drought and the broader threat of climate change. It's chock full of dry snow gauges, slopes covered with man-made snow, and stories of ski areas forming bucket brigades to move snow from protected forests to snow-starved ski slopes. Feel like inflicting a bit of pain this morning? Read the full (very sad) story over here.
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