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Renée Zellweger Sells Hamptons Abode in a Bidding War

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Actress René Zellweger (famous for Bridget Jones' Diary, Chicago and, most recently, having a face than looks kind of different than her old face) just sold the East Hampton abode she listed in October for $4.45M. The 2,000-square-foot house was built around 1900, though Zellweger bought it (for $2.15M) in 2003, charmed perhaps by its open porch, shingled siding, open porch, or nearly an acre of gardens. Turns out others were too wooed by the privacy promised by its gated entrance and high hedges, as Zellweger sold the place after a bidding war, ultimately getting some $250K over the asking price less than a month after she listed the place.

As for her other historic estate, the 1770 Connecticut farmhouse she's been trying to unload for years, it seems like that's not budging from the market.

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