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Ellen Pompeo Gets to Relax in the Trailer Version of Heaven

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Must be nice to be Ellen Pompeo. People pay you to be on television. You can afford to hire Martyn Lawrence Bullard to decorate your architecturally significant L.A. home, and national magazines want to photograph you and your perfect little family in your beautifully tiled outdoor dining area. Tired of your Grey's Anatomy trailer? Domaine will turn it into the kind of trailer angels get when they star in the movies God directs on the side.

Before Domaine's Mat Sanders and Estee Stanley remade Pompeo's trailer, it was outfitted in "brown, plastic, faux-bois paneled walls, clunky wood furniture that bolted to the ground, and barren window boxes that provided little light from the outside world." Plus there was this huge teddy bear in the corner, and these butterfly decals on the console, which had to know they weren't going to make it to the big leagues on charm alone.

In Domaine's estimation, Pompeo's trailer looked "more like a hideout scene from Breaking Bad than the space you'd expect one of TV's most in-demand actresses to relax in between takes." After a whitewashing and the installation of a bunch of cute new fixtures, it looks much less like a roving meth lab.

The team painted the built-in table black, "providing a seductive companion piece" to a pair of Prouve-style side chairs from InMod.

"Give special consideration on where to splurge and where to save," recommends Stanley. It's unclear which category the $599 Crate and Barrel bar cart fell under.

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