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Converted Church Mansion in New Orleans Now Wants $2.6M

This massive Spanish Baroque residence, converted from a church and used as a ballet school for many years, first hit the market for $2.5M in September 2013, but now its owners (who are in no hurry to sell) want $100K more at a new ask of $2.6M. A big reason could be that in addition to the main three-bedroom home, the 13,000-foot building also features three one-bedroom rental units that now bring in up to $5,100 a month cumulatively, a big jump from the the $3,275-a-month figure given the first time around. The property, with its 26-foot ceilings and rooftop garden, apparently also has a history of entertaining musicians. The Zillow listing claims that one Grammy winner had this to say about the house: "The acoustics and vibes are great. I did my best writing ever, while watching the sunset from the rooftop garden!"

Curbed NOLA has the listing photos. >>