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Are You Bond Villain Enough for This Colorado Compound?

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Location: Golden, Colorado
Price: $4,800,000
The Skinny: On a steep, forested four-acre site outside Golden, Colorado, AD100 architect Alexander Gorlin designed this contemporary compound, which has been on the market since October 2011, and is now listed for $4.8M. Heavy on the stone and glass, the six-bedroom has been said to "reflect the iconic and stylishly debonair sensibility that made 007's lifestyle swoon-worthy," which is maybe a gag-worthy way of saying it looks kind of like the kind of high-end Colorado home a slightly benevolent Bond villain might inhabit. It was built in 2000, though, and last changed hands for $2,220,000 in 2007, after being foreclosed upon the previous year.

The architect's description of the dwelling casts its columns of stacked stone as giving the impression of "a re-inhabited ruin, found in the wilds." The front door is reached by a bridge running over a ravine, and the master bedroom is situated at the top of a "tower." Gorlin, who was recently given the exciting task of transforming Eero Saarinen's 1962 Bell Labs complex in New Jersey into a mixed-use retail and residential space, designed the home with a long, staggered series of open communal spaces, leading down to the glassy living room area, which is wrapped in one of the compound's many decks. The one on the roof of the master suite has its own fireplace.

Here's a separate gallery of more extensive but also eye-searingly terrible listing photos:

· 918 Northridge Court [Zillow]