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Finally, a Documentary About Grownups and Their Treehouses

In a new short documentary simply titled "Adults Who Live in Treehouses," the video team at The Atlantic takes a plunge into the expanding world of sophisticated arboreal architecture, uncovering the stories of several individuals "who build, live in, and love tree houses." One man from Oregon, for example, spent eight years securing a permit for a treehouse, because, as he recounts, "The foundation for these treehouses is a living tree, there was nothing written in the code." Now he runs a "treesort" that claims to have the highest concentration of treehouses in the world. Then there's the man from Washington state, whose backyard 12-by-12-foot treehouse has been booked nearly every night on AirBnb—plus his neighbor who lives in a treehouse but rents out the "regular house". [The Atlantic]