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Architects Went All-Out With This Very Realistic Dollhouse

This 1/6-scale dollhouse may not have a cool theme like the Oscar Niemeyer-inspired, Ikea-furnished, or guitar-reincarnated ones that came before it, but it's nonetheless a fine example of what happens when architects take dollhouses seriously. Completed this year by Mumbai-based firm Architecture BRIO, the Spiral Dollhouse exists somewhere between simply a play set for (really lucky) kids and a smaller model of a real house people might actually live in.

The three-level house is centered on a cross-shaped double wall core that holds operable pocket doors, some of which are made of translucent rice paper and some are made from "timber slats that let light shine through". Shown with a few standard Barbie dolls inside, the house also has another scale figure: an iPhone TV affixed to the living room wall. Built from birch ply, teak wood, rose wood, acrylic and brass, the house fits in various beds, tables, and a kitchen, plus a custom-made swing, garage, and rooftop pool. Peek inside:

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