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The Remotest Huts: Defining Americana, Rest Stop by Rest Stop

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Over the past five years, Austin-based photographer Ryann Ford has documented over 150 of America's rest stops, a dying breed of roadside shelter that's been largely superseded by the gas station and the drive-thru. On the Kickstarter page for The Last Stop: Vanishing Relics of the American Roadside, she writes that the disappearance of their "teepees and wagon wheels, and geometric shapes echoing classic mid-century design," filled her with the need to "capture as many as I could before they were gone forever."

Below are a few standout images from the book Ford hopes to produce, all shot on a medium-format film camera. You can check out some more over at Design Milk

· Documenting One of America's Relics: The Rest Stop [Design Milk]