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For $7.4M, Put Down Roots on Connecticut's 'Potato Island'

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Location: Branford, Connecticut
Price: $7,350,000
The Skinny: Which sounds more like the name of a $7.35M habitable hunk of rock off Branford, Connecticut, "Dove Island" or "Potato Island"? Part of the Thimble Island archipelago in the Long Island Sound, this 1.1-acre isle is marketed as "Dove Island," which reeks of a rebranding effort. "Potato Island" is the name Wikipedia recognizes, and Curbed would like to state unequivocally that the humble spud is a namesake befitting such a classy sliver of New England. Supposedly "described as palatial when originally built in 1912," Potato Island's 3,871-square-foot shingle-styled dwelling has been renovated with all the modern whistles and bells.

A large fieldstone fireplace anchors the living room. There's beadboard paneling throughout, and the master bedroom has a built-in bed with a columned pony wall at the head, which isn't something you see every day. It also has sitting porches on the north and south sides, which is perfect for when you and your partner both want to assert your independence while sampling some cool night air.

A shed and a small lap-pool are also found on the island, which runs parallel to another one of the Thimbles. Mix yourself a Dark 'n' Stormy, grab your collection of vintage signal flags, plop down in an adirondack chair and you can gossip with the neighbors across the way.

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