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Relive the Golden Age of Flying on this Replica Pan Am Plane

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Over the last 30 years or so, self-proclaimed "airplane nerd" Anthony Toth has been painstakingly recreating a Pan-Am 747 airplane from the 1970s, starting with one first-class cabin in his garage and eventually upgrading to a 3,000-square-foot garage to accommodate a new upper deck. The effort, which has sent Toth scavenging far and wide for authentic parts like plush powder-blue seats and overhead bins, has more recently snowballed into a retro spectacle, with Toth hosting dinner parties in there that would serve the exact meals Pan Am had once served (an experience now open to the public for about $300 a person). The images here come from an elaborate photo shoot earlier this year, for which Toth and photographer Michael Kelley arranged 20 models and plenty of plated food to "get Pan Am flying again."

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