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Behind the Giant, Absurd Hedges of S.F.'s Weirdest Estate

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San Francisco's Spreckles Mansion, a limestone, French Classical estate built by a sugar refinery mogul in 1912, is now famously the home of the world's bestselling, living author, romance novelist Danielle Steel. While the mansion has a storied history, in 2014 it's known mostly for its absurd, enormous hedge, and the untold mysteries that lie behind it. Curbed SF has recently divulged said mysteries, complete with archival photos (one of which is below) and a history of the estate's "lavish parties" and the owner's obsession with sculptor Auguste Rodin.

More photos, and all the intel, over at Curbed SF.

· Behind the Hedges and Inside the History of Danielle Steel's Spreckels Mansion [Curbed SF]