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Cornerless Sauna Just Made Doing Nothing Feel Even Better

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Ever dream of lounging around in a womb-like lakeside cocoon, peering out to sublime water views and National Geographic-approved sunsets? For a tight pack of well-to-do weekenders to Ontario's Georgian Bay, that's no fantasy. The recently-completed Grotto Sauna, is a prefab outfit that hangs off a prehistoric rock formation on the eastern edge of Lake Huron.

In designing the roughly 800-square-foot space, Toronto-based firm Partisans sought to emulate the grottos, natural or artificial, that would be "embedded deep behind the curvature of streams." Working directly with millwork company MCM, the designers were able to create an illusion of a carved interior by sculpting rot-resistant cedar into panels that assemble like a jigsaw puzzle. The result, which tucks a warm, edgeless dwelling within a sharper, more rock-like exterior, manages to turn aimless wallowing into a sensual, artsy experience. Get a taste of it, below:

And here's a video of the prefab construction process:

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