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Tour a Rock and Roll Legend's Restored Palm Springs Home

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A newly renovated mid-century home in Palm Springs, California, once owned by the 1950s radio DJ who coined the term "rock'n'roll," just dropped onto the market for $574K. The three-bedroom abode with glass walls and polished concrete floors was the longtime residence of Alan Freed, one of the first inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Freed initially used the stylish 1959 dwelling as a getaway from Hollywood, but retreated there permanently after he was accused of accepting payments for playing records (the "payola" scandal), which ended his career. The historic home in the Coachella Valley was somewhat dilapidated as recently as this summer, but was refreshed by a renovation that took very few liberties. "We don't fussy it up," owner and professional flipper John Lewis said.

There's a new roof, a rebuilt pool and an all-white paint job, but otherwise the house just looks like a spiffier version of itself. According to the listing, the simple post-and-beam residence has been "stripped back to its original Palmer/Krisel design," a reference to the work of architects Dan Palmer and William Krisel. Sadly not everyone is so respectful of Freed's legacy. Despite his importance to the history of rock, Freed's ashes were just displaced from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to make room for … Beyoncé's leotards. Sigh. Before and after photos of his lovely house, below.

Photo by Dre Naylor

Photo by Dre Naylor

All photos by Dre Naylor

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