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A Pipe Organ Worth $1M Takes Up a Third of This $129K Home

Here's one for all the pipe-organ enthusiasts out there. Roughly one-third of this $129K home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is taken up by an antique 2,300-pipe Kimball organ. The home's late owner, an auto mechanic with little-to-no playing ability, purchased the instrument from a nearby church and installed it with the help of a few organ technician buddies. By the listing's estimation, if the organ was "purchased and installed brand new," it would cost between $800K and $1M.

"He was completely enamored with pipe organs, would travel to hear them played and even purchased additional land from the neighbors in order to build the addition on the right of the home to house the pipes," real estate agent Mark Douglas tells the Huffington Post. The point about what a new organ of similar scale would retail for today might be a bit of an exaggeration, and probably doesn't quite apply to one embedded in a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For anyone who feels qualified (or merely opinionated enough) to appraise the value of a such a piece, there's an open invitation to weigh in below.

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