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Bjarke Ingels' Muses? Lego, Titanic, and Handball

Last month Wired magazine snagged the world's most likable starchitect Bjarke Ingels to speak at its 'Wired by Design' event in California, where the architectural wonder talked about such quintessentially Bjarke things as: (1) using "the mathematics of handball" to design an undulating rec building for his old high school (an homage to his old math teacher, who approved the plans), (2) filling up an old dry-dock once used for shipbuilding with a maritime museum ("an inverse Titanic moment") and thereby obeying UNESCO's decree that the museum not be above ground and block a castle, and (3) Legos.

"Once we've defined what the criteria are [...] we don't necessarily have the answer, just the question we've formulated. So we have to do tons of models," he said. "Sometimes we make huge models and sometimes we make the models out of Lego. If you go inside our office everything is made out of Lego. Our signage is made out of Lego. [...] Lego empowers children to create their own world and then to inhabit it through play, and that's exactly what architecture is supposed to be about." The full video, over at Wired.

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