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Hint: This Ski Resort is Just Plain Bananas

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Skiing has a long and storied history here in North America, and any die-hard skier can tell you all about the history of their local hill. We're putting your skills to the test with a new series called Skispotter. Each week we'll bring you an old-timey photo of a ski lift, ski area, or historic building and you- dedicated ski buffs- will guess where it's from. Have an old photo you'd like us to use? Drop us an email, we'd be ever so grateful.

Let's just say this resort was inspired by an improved method of transporting bananas from the plantation to railroad cars. True to its beginnings as a playground for Hollywood's most dashing stars, it still attracts a wealthy clientele, but it has an equally down-home side.

Tell us, Curbediverse. What is the name of this resort, and what are we referring to in regard to the banana hint? Make your guesses in the comments, and don't forget to send us a tip if you have a vintage photo to contribute.

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