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For $100M, Buy One NYC Condo or an Entire Detroit Skyscraper

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God bless these United States, where, for an eye-watering $100M, one can buy a single penthouse in one city and an entire effing skyscraper in another. According to Crain's Detroit, the owner of One Detroit Center, a 1993 post-modern building designed in part by bona fide architectural somebody Philip Johnson, tried to persuade a minority owner to buy the 957,000-square-foot tower outright for $100M. This has people believing the whole shebang will make it to the open market—all for what amounts to $104.49 a square foot. According to Curbed Detroit, the "price situation is still hazy," and it's not even clear if the tower will actually be officially for sale, but if/when it does hit the market, lawd knows there will be a Motor City real estate frenzy worth tuning in on. Don't touch that dial.

· $100M Might Buy One of Detroit's Most Dramatic Skyscrapers [Curbed Detroit]