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This Very Minty Acupuncture Clinic is Oddly, Deeply Satisfying

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The stark minimalism that's been invading pharmacies and dental offices of late has now found its way to a Japanese clinic for acupuncture and moxibustion (a therapy that uses dried mugwort). The designers at the Tokyo firm id inc. completely covered the space in very soothing green apothecary cabinets. The walls are essentially covered in stacked square drawers, which open to reveal herb samples and books on oriental medicine. The space, which will serve as both a pharmacy and treatment center, also comes with a matching table and couch intended for use during consultations. Aside from the light wooden flooring, the only other "color" in the facility is found in the more private treatment area, clearly delineated with white walls and curtains.

· Japanese acupuncture clinic by id inc is lined with mint-green cabinets [Dezeen]