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Converted 1730 Dutch Farm Displays 'Nordic and Rustic Spirit'

Spotted over at the French outfit of Marie Claire: a pair of 300-year-old barns in the Netherlands that have been combined to make a fabulous contemporary farmhouse for a wallpaper designer and his family. The two buildings are now separated by a glass wall with sliding doors (above), and three smaller rooms upstairs have been united to create an enormous bedroom with sloping walls and many wooden braces. The design's focus was on raw materials: wood beams, painted wood floorboards, ceramic, and marble. Oh, and there are stoves in nearly every room of the 1730 building.

The farmhouse's owner, Rick Vintage, runs the wallpaper brand NLXL, which is known for mimicking the look of wood, mosaic and ceramic through sophisticated laser printing. Despite this, the house's walls are bare save for the incredible wallcovering that resembles a sheer rock face in the dining room. Have a look:

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