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Why Can't 'Asia Meets Santa Fe on The Vineyard' Find a Buyer?

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"Asia meets Santa Fe on the Vineyard." Whether those words make you giddy with anticipation or ready to call the architectural fashion police, we're pretty sure you'll want to see inside Aquinnah's 17 State Road.

Yup, that's one of the most interesting spreads we've ever seen. Designed by a Japanese architect and built in 1995, the property features 6BR, 4.5BA in 3,239-square-feet with "panoramic water views of Menemsha Pond and the south shore." Here's how the brokerbabble explains the layout and materials:

This home is perfect for the larger family or lots of guests with 5 detached bedrooms and little houses. Each house is like a suite with either a whole or half bath. This affords fantastic privacy as well as large spaces for gathering. The buildings incorporate fantastic architectural salvage: 350 year old Douglas fir from a trestle bridge in Utah, windows from the Arrow shirt factory of Troy, NY, cabinets crafted from barrel wood, Welsh kirkstone kitchen counters, a sink from an old candy making dish. In addition to upcycling galore and the unique and rather awesome layout, the owner "will consider selling a fifty percent share in the property." Interesting. As far as buying the whole shebang, the ask was $2,100,000 back in 2012, but took 2013 off, only to return in February of this year with a new broker and a $1,595,000 price tag. Alas, there have been no takers. Regardless, if you want to experience the Vineyard version of "Asia meets Sante Fe," it's also available for rent on Airbnb, of course.
· Listing: 17 State Road, Aquinnah [Feiner Real Estate]