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Five Sobering Quotes on Living in a 140-Square-Foot House

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For every solar-powered Swedish tiny house or Parisian cupboard pad that makes micro living feel like one big globe-trotting design adventure, there's a much humbler example, home to practical people who are just plain tired of traditional housing options. Yesterday, Boing Boing profiled Chris and Malissa Tack, a married couple who ditched the nomadic renter life for a 140-square-foot tiny house right outside of Seattle, Washington. For a pair who'd been renting since college, what ultimately drove them to a tiny house was the need for more stability and control over their home—but since both of their jobs require a lot of working from home, all that time spent up in each other's noses takes some getting used to. Below, five very real quotes about micro dwelling from Boing Boing's interview with the couple.

5. "My coworker has been in our house, he knows what size it is. He was like, 'I could do that for myself, but definitely not for two people.' That's the response we get a lot."

(Except they make it work.)

4. "When we only had the one computer we were working on, we had to adjust our schedules—I would work during the day, he would work during the night."

3. "As I'm sitting here three feet away from Malissa working on my video project, I keep having to hear the same audio over and over again to get the exact spot where I need to cut it. So I'll put headphones on and spare her having to listen to the same audio 15 times in a row."

(And they're in it for the long run.)

2. "We're a married couple, we're planning on having a family down the road. We designed our house so that we could take out our bench and cabinet—we laid flooring underneath all of it. We can even add a smaller loft up there, or have the child sleep up with us for a couple years."

(Their secret?)

1. "Even filling our water tank, we do it as a team job. We could do it by ourselves, but we make it an 'us' experience."

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