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Renovated Historic Building Has a Fancy New Hat Now

When Bucharest-based architecture firm Re-Act Now was tasked with turning an old building into a concept house for hosting "fashionable meetings and events", they rebuilt its classical façade, but also gave it a flashy new canopy that looks like a giant hat. The resemblance isn't lost on the designers, though. They've facetiously named the towering bronze addition the "Cantilevered Abstract Product," or C.A.P.

This piece of architectural headgear isn't just a fashion statement. It'll serve as an eye-catching belvedere that gives a 360-degree view of the neighborhood. According to the designers, just as the modernized interior stands in contrast to the stately exterior, the loud "sculpture" hovers right above the pedestal-like original structure to emphasize the duality of "old" and "new". Anyways, it looks pretty wild.

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