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The Sex Pistols Recorded in this $12M London Duplex

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When John Lennon sang "Imagine," he was probably not speaking about what would later happen to his and Yoko's recording studio, Lansdowne House. The main room of the storied 1904 recording studio in Notting Hill, London is now a 5,000-square-foot four-bedroom duplex with a galleried reception rooms, an indoor gym, a large courtyard, and, naturally, a wine cellar. Although this gut renovation of the Arts and Crafts building looks marvelous from nearly every angle, the Sex Pistols, who also recorded at Lansdowne, were a bit more accurate when they yowled, "Anarchy in the UK," probably somewhere around the kitchen area.

The contemporary home with white marble floors may look light-filled and airy today, but when interior designer Audrey Lovelock moved in there after the recording studio shuttered in 2006, it "was all boarded-out and soundproofed, and had no natural light," she told the Prime Location blog. She then spent years turning the studios where Rod Stewart, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Donovan crooned into her dream maisonette with double-height ceilings.

The stylish renovation has been listed for £7.5M ($11.98M), but, frankly it's not clear why anyone would ever want to leave an apartment with such obvious ice-breaker potential. "Hey, did you know Johnny Rotten's used my loo?" "No, tell me more."

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