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270-Square-Foot Paris Pad Demonstrates How to Live Tiny

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Admittedly, this tiny apartment in Paris had some advantages. The petite 270-square-foot space was in the attic, so it was possible for designer Marianne Evennou to knock down the existing ceiling in favor of the building's angled roof shape. The client had requested a kitchen with a large bar and enough space for entertaining friends, which at the outset seemed impossible in an apartment that size, but became a reality once the bedroom area was lofted and the sink and counter space was placed under a gray-painted wooden staircase.

"The new loft space (reached by the stairs behind the kitchen as well as by the ladder) also includes a small lounge area that doubles as reading nook and guest bed," writes Apartment Therapy. On the attractively tiled ground floor, there's an office with lots of built-in shelving and a living space, in addition to the kitchen. Want to see how an apartment this diminutive manages room for a guest bed and an office? Take a look, below.

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