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Are You Foppish Enough for Maine's 'Finest Gentleman's Farm'?

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Location: Lovell, Maine
Price: $1,750,000
The Skinny: Are you gentleman (or lady) enough for what's being marketed as "one of the finest Gentleman's Farms in Maine"? Which is so gentlemanly that in the 1920s, the 235-acre estate produced award-winning purebred cattle, along with Mike Hall and his brother Charley O, two of the "greatest racing geldings of all time"? The Eastman Hill Stock Farm, as it's known, is claimed to be the first brick house built in Lovell, Maine. This dandiest of New England farmhouses was completed in 1833, with an attached barn that was converted 90 years later by Portland architect Fred H. Thorne into a "medieval hall."

That space has a a game room and three additional bedrooms—on top of four in the super classy, florally appointed main house, and the extras in the "manager's house" and the "assistant manager's house"—along with a great hall that sports a "massive stone fireplace" and a stage, and currently hosts wedding parties. Surely you can picture yourself on the glazed veranda, sipping a fancy cocktail while your assistant gardener's assistant attends to your once-acre flower garden, formally known as "God's Acre"? All it takes is $1.75M.

· 300 Eastman Hill Road [LandVest]