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Looking Back at How Pantone Made Color a Valid Hotel Theme

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When the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium opened in 2010, many were surprised to find that the famous color matching company had elected to deck out their 61 rooms with only pops of color, not full-scale, single-color palettes in each room. At the time, it seemed a bit too tame and safe for a company that charges $550 for "interior design color forecasts" each year. Here, a look back at the hotel's simple but effective approach to mixing colors and interiors.

If anyone was going to get the wildly colorful hotel room right, it seemed it would be Pantone, along with the interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert they had tapped for the project. Instead, fans realized that the color swatch brand preferred minimalism when it came to interior design. While each of the hotel's seven floors hew to a different color theme, guest room walls are white and bedspreads are white; the only flashes of vivid color come from art and throw blankets. The communal spaces, on the other hand, mix bold hues with abandon. Photos, below.

All photos courtesy of the Pantone Hotel

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