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Tiny Log Cabin on 3,685 Elk-Filled Acres Wants $2.5M

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Among the many log cabins of the world, there's the legion of twee wannabes (including that RV expertly disguised as one) and then there's this little lodge on the 3,685-acre Summit Springs Ranch in Clyde, Idaho, which is as genuinely rustic as they come. Ranch land dealer Steven Keith originally built the 600-square-foot dwelling as a guesthouse for potential investors, but the property has primarily been used by his family for the past six years. While the property, on the market for $2.5M, is undoubtedly a land sale, that makeshift dwelling is nothing to snuff at, adorable as it is in its own Henry David Thoreau kind of way.

Custom-designed by LA-based architect Clark Stevens, the one-bedroom home is usable year-round and features an additional sleeping loft that overlooks a connected kitchen, dining, and living area. The open plan home maximizes sunlight and views of the nearby mountain peaks and creek, while the porches open up to the ranch's scenic surroundings, which includes a protected habitat for elk, deer, waterfowl, and many more wildlife.

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