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Amazing 'Sofa' Gives a Whole New Meaning to 'Nesting'

Baby birds: nature's freeloaders. Right at this moment, thousands of baby birds out there have their little beaks open, begging for a regurgitated meal, just so they can get big and strong enough to take that first leap into the wide world, as if it's a big deal or a metaphor for growing up or something. It's enough to make you want to drop $3K to $10K on OGE Creative Group's Giant Birdsnest, a "sofa" whose name says it all, just to try out such a luxurious existence.

Or, maybe it's not enough. But for those who desire just this kind of committed kitsch or cross-species infantilization from their furniture, OGE has all kinds of customization options. Here's what it looks like with pillows in off-white (eggshell?):

And in case you want to know what they look like in fancy apartments, the firm has some renderings for you:

Remember: You are the only one who hatched. The future is in your hands.

· Giant Birdsnest, A Cozy Wooden Nest Designed For Humans Filled With Large Soft Egg Pillows [Laughing Squid]