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Sliding Chipboard Shelves Turn This Flat Into 'Infinite Homes'

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Sliding modular shelving units are so hot right now, and it's easy to see why. Long used in libraries and archival spaces, they can greatly expand the possibilities of studio apartments. Madrid-based PKMN Architectures used them to turn one side of designer Yolanda Pila's single-story flat into a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and dressing room. The amount of floor space taken up by the adjustable area even allows multiple rooms to used at once, if you're O.K. with both of them being a bit smaller.

Studio architect David Pérez García describes the effect as "infinite homes within a house." OK! Chipboard was chosen for its strength and affordability. Between that and the patterned tiles, there's a pretty pleasant mix of "high" and "low" materials, in the way the renovation projects in the region do so well. Check out the All I Own House below in a few of its more obvious configurations:

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