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Topographic Rugs Bring the Best Part of Flying Into Your House

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The intricate "landcarpets" designed by Austrian architect Florian Pucher use shape and color to depict various terrains around the world. "I have always been inspired by watching the landscape go by when I fly," says Pucher. The Netherlands-themed carpet renders the country's flower farms as squares of pink ensconced within a sea of green and blue plots meant to resemble fields and canals. The carpets dedicated to the Bahamas and Hong Kong have harbors and singular coastlines. "I browse through large areas of various countries via satellite image services to find a typical landscape, then trace the main features, abstracting and simplifying in the process to finally expose the essence of the landscape," says Pucher. Looking at his carpets is like going up in a hot air balloon, and staring down at the grids of color below, all without leaving your living room.

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