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The Curbed Young Guns Class of 2014, REVEALED

After months sifting through hundreds of public nominations, we recently announced an outstanding coterie of finalists for this year's Young Guns competition, Curbed's annual search for the very best, brightest young talent in the design world. This year's finalists were a diverse a suite of community builders, multitaskers, traditionalists, and neighborhood revivalists. The finalists spanned furniture makers, green-roof growers, structural engineers, and, uh, people who make community spaces out of refrigerators. Now it's time to reveal the winners, selected of course by this year's jury of design experts. Every winner is 35 or under, currently employed in the United States, and shows extraordinary promise.

Here we announce the winners by name, and all this week we will be spotlighting each designer.

The Curbed Young Guns Class of 2014

· Nick Gelpi, Founder and Principal Designer at Gelpi Projects
· Denise Cherry, Principal Interior Designer and Director of Design at Studio O+A
· Justin Rice + Kagan Taylor, Designers, Builders, and Co-Founders of Knowhow Shop
· Hunter Leggitt, Designer/Builder/Mad Scientist, Founder of Hunter Leggitt Studio
· Molly Meyer, Founder and CEO at Omni Ecosystems
· Katie MacDonald + Kyle Schumann, Co-Founders of After Architecture
· Elizabeth Timme, Architect and Activist at LA-Más
· Lindsey Scannapieco, Urban Designer/Developer, Founder of Scout
· Adam Jordan, Project Architect at Bates-Masi Architects
· Matthew Holdren, Designer/Fabricator, Founder of Matthew Holdren Design

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