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Here Now, the Country's Best 'Fly-In' Houses on the Market

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The mid-20th-century fantasy of a fast, traffic-free commute from home to office via a flying car may not have come to pass, but the dream is kept alive in the hangars and private runways of fly-in communities across the country. From big sky ranches with grass runways to sprawling McMansions built on taxiways instead of cul-de-sacs, fly-in homes feature every style of architecture—with the addition of a fantastically large hangar in which to store airplanes, helicopters, and cars. Here now are four homes that allow commuters to indulge in the lavishly expensive pastime of flying from home to work.

The hangar in this massive home in Florida's Spruce Creek has 3,600 square feet of space to park everything from Lear jets to Piper Cubs, and boasts a two-story pilot's lounge and bedroom. Other aviation amenities include a "4,000-foot paved private runway, paved taxiways, GPS approach and aviation services including fuel," with a country club membership thrown in for the $2.65M asking price.

This Wyoming fly-in's listing makes an appeal to the nature-loving side of all the pilot-philosophers out there: "Perched on top of your lot, you will watch trout rising in your own large stocked pond while flight planning from your deck." The $2.7M abode is actually more of a home for airplanes with a space carved out for living, rather than the other way around, but it does offer some serious views.

From the front, this Texas fly-in looks like any other steel home (assuming there are any other steel homes), but seen from the side it becomes clear that the luxury residence is tacked onto a massive airplane hangar. The unique $3.5M home—whose listing photos feature a number of vintage aircraft—can accommodate five planes and six people.

The 7,400-square-foot residential portion of this fly-in adjoins a 5,500-square-foot hangar in Arizona's pioneering Stellar Airpark, which has been in operation for 45 years. In addition to the luxe amenities in the $3.95M main house, the hangar rocks an open plan family room with pool table, office, and RV hookup.

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