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Chilly 1620 Castle in Scotland Gets 21st-Century Redo

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Until recently, this stunning 17th-century castle in the Scottish Highlands was drafty, run-down, and had no modern amenities. Built for the daughter of a Lord in 1620, the five-story, multi-turreted castle with a gabled roof had hosted the Duke of Cumberland's troops on their way to the 1746 Battle of Culloden in grand style, but had fallen into neglect by the 19th century. By the time the Scottish firm Maxwell & Company was hired to turn it into a vacation home for a family of four, according to Houzz, the castle required a complete (and historically sensitive) restoration of its exterior and interiors.

It took three years to do all that, and install plumbing and electrical systems, but now the castle has 11 bedrooms and copious reception rooms decorated with period furniture, stained oak floors, and aristocratic objects like a portrait of the patriarch of Clan Mackintosh. The architects did such a through job of melding past and present that the nearly 400-year-old castle ended up winning an award for its "cohesion of design." The post-renovation photos are amazing:

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