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Ugh, a French Firm Designed a 'Voluntary Ghetto' Atop a Bridge

First things first: this will never be built. This modular "nomadic micro-city" atop a bridge, designed as a "voluntary ghetto" by the French firm Malka Architecture, is not going to happen. The improbable design includes fully relocateable homes, offices, art galleries, shops, playgrounds, a nightclub, and a recording studio, all mounted on scaffolding above a busy bridge in Paris. This flight of architectural fancy is apparently a response to the economic crisis, and is intended to "co-opt" both upscale and impoverished places, so that "the lower rungs of the population can therefore rise more than forty-nine feet above ground," the architect writes. He has named it (ugh) "Ghetto-Mobile." It is "a hood built from an appropriation of land both conquered and controlled." Nope, this'll never be built.

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