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Lithuania's Surf-In, Surf-Out 'Rolling Homes' Look Pretty Fun

Lithuania's Do Architects have developed a cool modular housing concept, for glass-sided cylindrical dwellings they call "Rolling Homes." To be clear, these things aren't meant to actually roll. They are pretty neat though!

The wood-clad outsized pipe sections are planned for a seaside development in Svencelė, Lithuania, to add to a kiteboarding and windsurfing center designed by the firm. Per a project description, the transparent facades were designed to "allow for uninterrupted views of the surrounding canals and ensure a strong connection, both visual and physical, between the occupant and nature," while the canals allow for surf-in, surf-out capabilities.

The inset front entryways give each home a covered porch. The second floors combine living room, dining room, and kitchen functions, while the top floors are partitioned "sleeping lofts." Here's what they look like in miniature:

Also on the docket is a marina and yacht club, and a number of apartments, plus rows of homes with different design schemes. According to the firm, construction is expected to begin next year.

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