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Huge Blizzard (and Surf!) is Headed to Lake Tahoe Right Now

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Everyone's abuzz about a winter storm that will hit California starting today, but now it's officially going to be a blizzard. The Sacramento office of NOAA had issued a Winter Storm Watch for the west slope of the Sierra, but just yesterday evening they upgraded the storm to a Blizzard Warning, something that hasn't happened for Tahoe since January 2008. Some newscasters have been predicting as much as 4-5 feet for the higher altitudes, but the (usually more accurate) meteorologists at Open Snow say that skiers should expect about a foot at lake level and 3 feet of snow in the alpine. Head over here for the full forecast. And surfers- high winds across the lake should produce waves of 6-7 feet on the North shore of Lake Tahoe. Surf's Up!
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