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An Essential Reminder of How Matthew McConaugheyTalks About His Airstream

Back in 2008, before Magic Mike kicked off and True Detective solidified a full-blown "McConaissance," Architectural Digest toured the retooled Airstream trailer Matthew McConaughey crossed the country with, driving a 2005 Ford King Ranch pickup he named "the Eagle." Now that the McConaughey quote has fully come into its own as a genre, just listen to how he talks about his trailer. It's amazing.
"'There's an old African proverb,' offers McConaughey, apropos of his affinity for wheeled domiciles. 'Architecture is a verb.'" The most fun thing about McConaughey quotes is how little he seems to care about self-parody. So it is with McConaughey quotes about the Airstream lifestyle.

"I've always loved drivin'. Drivin' is, number one, where I get some time with myself. Number two, it's the main place I catch up on music." Note the Johnny Cash CD in the box of CDs under the table.

"In 1996 I got a big GMC van—it's called Cosmo—and gutted it and put in a bed in the back, a refrigerator and a VCR so I could watch dailies or whatever. But still it was a pretty cramped style. So I started looking at Airstreams." Eagle the truck, Cosmo the van, and for the trailer, he went with "Canoe." Any guesses to where he got that name? If you guessed a sojourn to the Squamish Nation reservation in Vancouver, congrats.

"When I left, they brought me a handcrafted oar that's one of the symbols of the tribe. The oar guides the canoe, guides you through life—so I named the Airstream the Canoe. I mean, the highways are like riverways, they're just concrete." Highways, brother. We're all just floatin' down 'em.

"The Airstream's rounded body 'is a beautiful piece of art and aerodynamically very functional,' notes McConaughey." [...] 'It's got a great window right above your pillow, so when you wake up in the morning, you're looking right at the ocean or wherever your backyard is that day.'" The entire drivable world having potential to be your backyard is like the free Bingo square of McConaughey quote Bingo.

"The best education I ever had was via travel." McConaughey attended the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication.

"One day I'll have either an Airstream hotel or an Airstream compound. I don't know where it'll be yet, but the thing about Airstreams is you feel a little bad for 'em if you got 'em parked too long and the axles aren't spinning, you know, because they're built for the road." McConaughey feels for the immobile Airstreams of the world.

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· AD Revisits: Matthew McConaughey's Customized Airstream [Architectural Digest via PopSugar Home]