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Can We Please Make Open House Roller Coasters a Trend?

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At last, an idea to shake up the paradigm of open house tours: What if instead of all the walking and talking, prospective house buyers can just hop on a roller coaster and get whisked away on an audio-guided tour that hits all of the home's major attractions? Well, Dutch bank ABN Amro delivered just that in an ingenious new marketing stunt as part of its month-long promotion, during which the bank will help advertise homes being sold by its clients. Yes, a real, working roller coaster was installed in a home in the Dutch town of Ermelo, and as you can see in the video below, whoever went on it had the most fun getting to know the five-bedroom residence's sun lounge with french windows and newly redone garden. But really, leave the coaster in there and the house should sell in no time.

The Video:

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