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California's Massive Storm is Hitting Tahoe Right This Second

While much of San Francisco is without power and flooding, the most-talked about weather event of the month has officially arrived in Lake Tahoe. There was even surf this morning on the North Shore. Yes, you read that correctly (and no, we're not talking about Hawaii). Now, the snow levels are still a bit high (it's raining at the base of Squaw Valley), but according to Open Snow meteorologist Bryan Allegretto, they should fall this evening. The heaviest snowfall will occur tonight, with lingering snow showers into Friday afternoon. And even though "undeveloped snow" at lower elevations is always a bummer, this storm cycle is a big plus for a state that's in the midst of an historic drought. So, without further ado, here are the photos of Tahoe getting absolutely pounded by this massive storm, surf shots and powder guaranteed.

Mountain Camera at Kirkwood:

Mountain Camera at Diamond Peak:

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