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1950s Texas House is Modern Again Thanks to 'Unfolded' Roof

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Photo via LR Studio via Design Milk

To give this 1950s one-story house in Texas a modern facelift, the designers at Mexican architecture firm LR Studio and Japanese studio Katagiri Architecture+Design targeted its traditional two pitched-roof. "Casa Westway," as the project is called, brought more natural light into the home by "unfolding" the roof in multiple spots. For example, the new metal roof cladding has been extended into the front façade to create a canvas for various irregularly-shaped windows. And on the back of the house, a new, taller roofline creates room for extra windows closer to the higher ceilings. On the inside, the intervention focused on creating a more open "social area." The bright central living space can now directly access the more intimate dining area, as well as the outdoor patio and backyard.

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