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Lone Goatherd Stalls Development of $375M Island Resort

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The Wall Street Journal has published a guide to buying a Greek island, with an unmentioned Step 0 of Be Super Rich. Its unequivocal highlight is a short allusion to the time a goatherd and his goats (some of which we can only assume were little baby goats with soft little ears) stalled the development of a $312M-$375M resort.

Yannis Perrotis, managing director of real-estate company Atria Property Services, came up with the idea to develop an "exclusive super high-end resort" on the tiny Ionian Sea island of Arkoudi nearly a decade ago, with "luxury villas, a hotel spa, a marina, and recreational and sports facilities." But to his surprise, "his uninhabited island actually had residents: a shepherd and his flock of goats. It took him more than two years to get them off the island."

"I went through a few years of real trials and tribulations followed by a few years of anger," Perrotis tells The Journal. "But now I have something in my hands that has additional value and tangible prospects."

Does the goatherd still consider this place his own? Was he eventually convinced to abandon his flock? Or were he and his little grass-chomping four-legged NIMBYs removed by boat, or something? Were they fainting goats, and maybe that's why it took so long to get them off the island, because they kept fainting? Is this, as some academics contend, the isle from which Penelope's suitors ambushed Telemachos when he sailed back to Ithaka? So many questions.

Curbed is still waiting to hear back from Perrotis. In the meantime, here's a video from YouTube of the island. Can't see any goats.

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