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Theresa Roemer Wants to Build Another Closet Twice as Big

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Yesterday, the sun rose on a different America, one where Theresa Roemer's legendary three-story closet is for sale, along with the house that (just barely) contains it, for $12M. Some wondered whether she simply ran out of closet space. Today, a representative for Roemer tells Curbed that her client, who is a licensed real estate agent, had a house flip in mind from the get-go when she was building her megacloset. Also, Roemer plans to build a closet twice as big at her next place, which would make it about 6,000 square feet. PR professional Paula Conway said Roemer's position on the matter is "you can never have a big enough closet."

Just to compare, that would mean you could fit 64 of this totally livable Parisian loft into the next closet that Theresa Roemer hopes to build. Conway made a point of reminding us that Roemer uses her closets for charity events.

Someone call Matt Lauer.

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