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Every Piece of Furniture Should Now Have a Matching Outfit

In a marriage of decor and fashion that's much more harmonious than the contorted "tutu desk" from a few years ago, here are some not-so-comfy black wire-mesh furniture by Minnesota design studio RO/LU, in the loving company of gallery assistants dressed in matching black gridded clothing by New York designers Various Projects (and gridded walls, and gridded wool rug). On exhibit last week at this year's Design Miami event, the show, called "Surfaces On Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain," references the similarly grid-crazed 1970 Quarderna furniture series from Italian design collective Superstudio, as well as installations by Postmodernist designer Ettore Sottsass.

RO/LU's collection includes a four-legged table, smaller stools, boxy cabinet, and bizarrely, a flattened "kneeling" figure that forms a coffee table on its back. "The objects, made from welded wire mesh, seem to change when one moves in their presence, in some way becoming different with each step taken around them," reads a statement from the gallery displaying the work. So, basically a rather trippy showroom:

· Patrick Parrish Gallery presents gridded furniture and matching clothing at Design Miami 2014 [Dezeen]