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Rent a Minimalist Mirror House in Italy for $250 a Night

Italian architect Peter Pichler has completed a pair of adjoining vacation rentals on a picturesque farm outside of Bolzano, Italy. Entirely mirror-clad on the west façades, the structure reflects the surrounding apple orchards and mountains of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, while conveniently camouflaging the newly built complex for the client, who lives in a nearby 1960s farmhouse. (Of course, the reflective façades are also coated with glare-reducing film to help prevent bird collisions). And on the east façades, floor-to-ceiling windows open up to the expansive views.

Now for the logistics—Mirror Houses, as the rentals are called, officially opened two weeks ago, and all the booking details can be found here. Containing one bedroom, one bath, and a futon in the living room, each unit can accommodate two to four people. And the rate? $250 a night for the first three nights, and then it drops down to about $187 a night, plus extra fees for cleaning services. Have a look:

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