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'Gingerbreadbnb' is Offering Some Pretty Sweet Rentals

Gingerbreadbnb is a thing. Well, sort of. It's a cool charity thing that the Robin Hood Foundation, New York City's largest poverty-fighting organization, and ad agency McKinney baked together for this holiday season. No, you can't actually stay in these (virtual) rentals, but the (real) money donated will go towards finding shelter for some 12,000 homeless families in the city (Robin Hood says every $100 raised will house a family for one night). Plus, Gingerbreadbnb does deliver some pretty snazzy additions to the world of gingerbread architecture. Whether booking a "candy vacation" for oneself or as gift to someone else, there are three options: a $20-a-night "Modern Home" with mid-century taffy furniture, a $10-a-night "Rustic Cabin" with an all-natural trail mix fireplace, and a $5-a-night "Cozy Camper" with fruit roll awning. Neat!

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