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Splish Splash, the Rich are Now Taking Baths in 'Wet Rooms'

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A revolution is afoot in the world of millionaire bathrooms, apart from the one reported last month in the Marxist accelerationist cell that is the New York Times Home & Garden section, on how the well-heeled like to perform ablutions on their Aphrodite/Adonis bodies in front of full-height windows with expansive views of the city. The Wall Street Journal now reports that an increasing number of homeowners are requesting "wet rooms," which have big, partition-free showers, and are fully covered in tile so that the whole room can get all drippy.

Vancouver bathroom designer Corey Klassen is fielding requests from "customers who want that Roman bathing type of experience." What was once simply a bathroom "is becoming more of a congregation area to set the tone of the day." A tone of Romanesque wetness. Tracy Jaeger, director of bath-fixture marketing at Kohler, attributes this trend to a desire for a "larger area to roam." Like Lions, they are.

Austin physician Thomas Fletcher, who owns a wet room, opted for one to mimic the open-plan layout of the rest of his home. His cost about $75K, which could have been less, if not for the oval skylight he had put in.

National newspapers: still slowly but surely fomenting revolution by reminded you about the temples in which the wealthy wash their beautiful bodies.

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