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In Brooklyn, an $899K Cottage so Tacky it's Charming

To be perfectly frank, there are just so many glassy, blocky, and just generally unappealing new residential buildings cropping up in the cloyingly cool New York borough of Brooklyn, that when something like this bubblegum-pink cottage, filled to the brim with mildly frightening furnishings you'd find inside the mind of an animator for Courage the Cowardly Dog, comes along, you're not even inclined to say it's terrible. Maybe you even love it. Or maybe Curbed is projecting.

Anyway, the three-bedroom has been on the market for about three months, and has endured a few PriceChops since October, bringing its price to $899K. Interior highlights include checkerboard floors and an armchair that looks like something you really liked when you were six.

The full photo set, over at Curbed NY.

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