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On Her 102nd Birthday, 13 Photos of Ray Eames and Her Work

Happy birthday to midcentury design icon Ray Eames! The furniture and textile designer, whose work with husband/partner Charles includes some of the most influential pieces of the American design canon, would have been 102 today, so to celebrate her life and legacy, here's a round-up of photos of Ms. Eames with her varied creations—from the Eames lounge chair and ottoman to the molded plywood chair to the IBM exhibition at the 1964 World's Fair. Many white collared shirts and black frocks lie ahead.

↑ With an early version of the IBM exhibit Mathematica: The World of Numbers ... and Beyond. [link]

↑ With an early prototype of "The Toy." [link]

↑ Holding up the "Dot Pattern" fabric in 1947. [link]

↑ In the home she shared with Charles Eames. [link]