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10 Deeply Unsettling Holiday Decor Ideas From Pinterest

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Turns out it's a bit tricky to translate the bohemian-modern design blog aesthetic (that is natural, haphazard minimalism) into holiday cheer. Sometimes, in fact, the results are just downright chilling. Here now, 10 examples of minimalist holiday decor ideas that took a turn for the depressing.

↑ Lonely. [link]

↑ Dejected. [link]

↑ Gloomy. [link]

↑ Somber. [link]

↑ Bleak. [link]

↑ Mournful. [link]

↑ Desperate. [link]

↑ Sad. [link]

↑ Distressing. [link]

↑ Heartbreaking. [link]

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